​The best places to order to fulfil your Vietnamese dish cravings

There’s nothing quite as soothing as a steaming bowl of pho – with slippery rice noodles, beef broth and vegetables – to really satisfy those pesky cravings and keep them at bay. Pronounced ‘fur’, pho is one of Vietnam’s staple dishes and can take up to a whole day to really develop the bone broth which creates the tasty base for a bowl of the soupy delicacy.

A good bowl of pho should be served with various meat options, whether that be beef, chicken or even beef tripe, beansprouts, flat rice noodles, lime wedges, chilli, fish sauce, sliced onions and herby greens like coriander, Vietnamese basil and mint. Especially popular with farmers for a hearty breakfast, sauce bases can range from clear and broth-like to sweeter, thicker soups with sauces added in various regions of Vietnam. One thing is clear, however – that pho is a tasty, flavoursome meal which can be enjoyed throughout Singapore with So Pho’s daily island-wide delivery.

As there are so many different options for Vietnamese food and pho in Singapore, we’ve made the task as easy as possible by compiling a list of the best Vietnamese eateries island-wide. This way, you can have your pho and eat it too wherever you may be in Singapore!

So Pho
Best known for their fast island-wide food delivery service (every day from 11am to 8.30pm!), So Pho has an extensive range of menu options that can be delivered straight to your doorstep at any time of the day to reduce those moments of hanger (hunger/anger, you get what we mean!). From the creamy, spicy Curry Chicken with Rice & Egg to refreshing Vegetarian Summer Rolls and three authentic, soul-nourishing bowls of pho – beef, beef and beef balls, chicken – you’d be hard pressed to find more varieties of traditional Vietnamese pho in the one place. Serving up one of the cheapest beef pho options we could find, at only $9.80, this is a classic take on the traditional Vietnamese noodle dish with a light, fragrant broth and the freshest ingredients including crisp beansprouts, sliced red chilli, lime wedges, Vietnamese basil and mint, this hearty meal will invigorate you for a busy day in the office!

Moc Quan
The chefs at Moc Quan are so serious about the authenticity of their pho that they regularly get ingredients flown over from Vietnam to create their signature Vietnamese dishes. Keeping it simple with only three pho variations, we recommend the subtle Pho Ga, which comes with rice noodles in a mellow chicken broth with shredded chicken breast, beansprouts and herbs for only $16.90.

NamNam Noodle Bar
For a busy lunch on-the-go, NamNam Noodle Bar‘s specialty is the original pho for beef lovers – the beef combination with beef slices, beef balls, tendons and the traditional use of honeycomb tripe to create a light flavoured bowl of soupy noodles for only $11!

Saigon Alley
Adorned with traditional Vietnamese lanterns, murals and colourful stools, Saigon Alley in Novena Gardens has an extensive menu of classic Vietnamese dishes. But the only thing we’re interested in is their pho, and with quite a few varieties available, we say opt for the Spicy Australian Beef Noodles, at only $14, this popular menu item comes with sliced beef and brisket, fresh herbs, mint, basil and beansprouts for an affordable feed.